Polka Dot Adventures

Polka Dot Adventures - Lefty Living Life

Hello all! I normally love Mondays, but man was this Monday even better than usual! I went up to DC yesterday to begin the great apartment hunt of 2018. Sunday was definitely disappointing and I was starting to get worries about finding a place before school started.

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Neon Matching Set

Neon Matching Set - Lefty Living Life

Hello all! Today is a big day and I have a lot to tell y’all so I hope you are sitting down. Not to worry though, it is all super exciting and nothing tedious so settle in for some fun 🙂

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Burgundy and Polka Dots

Burgundy and Polka Dots - Lefty Living Life

Hello all! Happy Friday! It has been a crazy week for me as I have so much coming up here on the blog that I have been working on and planning. If you aren’t already signed up for our newsletter, make sure to do that to receive a first look of what is coming up every week and exclusive style content.

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