Burgundy and Pink

Burgundy and Pink

If you have been following me for a while then you already know that Burgundy and pink are one of my favorite color combinations. This is definitely easier to wear in the winter just because there aren’t very many summer pieces that are burgundy. Since, it has finally started to feel like fall here, I thought I would post one of my last summer outfits of 2018 with one of my favorite color combinations! 

Burgundy and Pink

Before I get to my outfit, let me talk about my hair really fast. I obviously don’t know that much about hair and I don’t normally do too much with it, but since moving to DC I have had to get creative. It was so toasty here that I needed something to get my hair out of my face in the heat. Pinning my hair back has been a lifesaver.

Burgundy and Pink

I saw this double bobby pin look on Pinterest and absolutely love it. Especially with a colored bobby pin like this, it adds just the right amount of pop to an outfit. Plus it is super easy for someone like me who doesn’t know the first thing about hair. 

Burgundy and Pink

Another thing that save me this summer? Flowy pants. Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood for shorts or a skirt. But you know what is almost as cool? Flowy pants like these or these from my post last week. 

As much as I have have loved summer, I am so ready for fall! I am already pulling out my turtlenecks and sweaters so get ready for those coming up soon! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and see you soon! Until next time, XO 

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Red Carpets and Royal Carpets

Hello my lovelies! Happy Friday! I am not going to lie, this week was a little rough for me but now it’s the weekend! Anyways, on a more fun note, this week was full of fun fashion moments, specifically the AMA’s Red Carpet and the Royal Wedding today! Here are my top looks from both! 

Of course, as usual, none of these photos are mine and I do not take credit or claim any of them. 

Amandla Stenberg

So, let’s start with the AMAs! So who would have thought that jeans on the bottom and a tux on top would be cute? I would have laughed in your face, but now I might have to reconsider because I am really loving this vibe! 

Amber Heard

Oh man, oh man, oh man. Do I even need to say anything? That leg, the smoky eye, the shimmer! I love it all. I would love to wear a look like this on the red carpet, if only I was so bold. 

Taylor Swift

And last, but certainly not least, the shimmery disco ball of Taylor Swift. While the boots are not exactly my style, but I am absolutely obsessed with this mock-turtleneck mini dress. A plus from me Miss Swift! 

Princess Eugenie's Wedding

And now, on to the magnificent wedding. I am not going to make any comparisons with anyone else because that annoys me to no end. I absolutely love her dress. I think she looks incredible in it and I love that she chose to show off her scar. Elegant with a hint of modern. 

Kate Middleton

Ok, Kate always looks amazing, but this might be one of my favorite looks of hers to date. I love the raspberry color and the matching velvet pumps. I just love everything. 

Cara Delevingne

Oh my gosh…Cara Delevingne wore a suit and a top hat and looked absolutely incredible!! I am so jealous of this look and would love to wear such a look. 

Princess Eugenie's Wedding

Ok last one I promise! Look how cute and happy they look! I love it! 

Until next time XO

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Monochrome in Blue

Whenever I think of a daring outfit I think of bold colors and patterns, not wearing all of the same color. But, sometimes wearing all one color or shades of one color creates an even bolder look. Sure, wearing all shades of one color doesn’t seem unconventional, but in some cases it can make a really bold statement and I am so into monochrome as of late. 

This trend is one that I have really been waiting to explore because it is not easy to do in the heat. Without layering, wearing the same color shirt and shorts can just look boring. But now that it is finally beginning to cool down (only on random days but a girl can still hope!) I can’t wait to start experimenting with lots of monochrome layers.

This is my first winter in a while that I won’t have to be business professional everyday and I am excited to try some new outfits and styles. Are there any outfits or styles you are looking forward to this fall? Any that you want to wear but are having trouble with and want me to write a post on? Let me know! Until next time, XO

Monochrome in Blue

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Fall Flannel

Everyone has always told me that North Carolina weather was crazier than anywhere else. Well, let me tell you that is just false! DC weather is just as unpredictable and crazy so far. 

This past Friday was one of our first days that felt like fall, so of course, me being me, I immediately pulled out my favorite fennel and a leather jacket! Then, of course because I’m contrary, I went to a rooftop bar and had frozen margaritas…ha! 

Fall Flannel

But, either way, it was an absolute blast and I was so happy to have the chance to wear some of my fall clothes. I can already tell that flannel and fuzzy layers are going to be my go to this fall/ winter. I am doing so much more walking being in the city and I will definitely appreciate those warm layers when I’m outside!  

Fall Flannel

But I am definitely excited for winter, even if I’m a little intimidated by the prospect of a “real” winter. It is definitely going to be different than my North Carolina winters! But just an excuse for more turtlenecks and coats! 

Fall Flannel

I have to say, roof top bars are so much more fun in the city because you have amazing views and the people watching is incredible! I mean the people watching wherever you are here is awesome but even more so from the roof! 

Fall Flannel

This bar was a new one that is in the Hotel Hive right near George Washington University. It is a super cute area and they have a specialty pizza restaurant in the lobby! On the rooftop (which was HUGE) they had frozen margaritas and frose as the specials. Our bartender mixed them for us and it was the perfect mix of sharp and sweet. I would definitely recommend it for a casual drink if you are in town! Until next time, XO

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On Wednesdays we wear pink

I don’t know how I never thought of a weekly pink series before. I know that the Mean Girls wore pink on Wednesdays, but let’s be honest, I wear a little pink every day! It is my favorite color! So of course, I pulled out some of my pink today, but today has also inspired me to start a new pink series! What a fabulous day! In honor of all of this fabulous pink, here are some of my favorite pink looks from the last couple of months! XO 

This Pearls and Stripes might be one of my favorite looks from the spring. It has all of my favorite pieces in it and I love the pop of neon pink! 
I know that Coco Chanel always said to take off one thing before you go out, but I’ve never really been good at that and this pink summer layers look is proof of that! 
The benefit of having so much pink in my closet is that it makes it super easy to mix patterns and layer. When it all matches, it is so much easier! 
This is so counter-intuitive for me, but monochrome always seems to  be bolder than a pop of color. This pink on pink look from this summer turned out to be one of my favorite looks of the summer! 
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It’s Time

Everyone has one of these stories. Your mom does, your sister does, the girl sitting next to you on the subway does. I do.

This is no longer a question of does this happen in our country. The question now is are we willing to live with that? And if not, what are we going to do about it? 

While this has been building for me for quite a while, yesterday was a tipping point. Between hearing the testimonies, seeing how my friends reacted, and getting texts from friends providing support and asking for it in return, I’m done. I’m done living in a world where sexual assault is common place. I’m done living in a world where “boys will be boys” and everyone else just has to live with that. I’m done living in a country where our lawmakers don’t care enough about me and other women to (a) not sexually assault women and (b) refuse to nominate people who do. 

For me, this is no longer political. I’ve tried to keep this blog as an uplifting and happy place, but it is now time for this to be a safe place where we refuse to be treated like this anymore. 

Sexual assault is not political. The right to not be touched, spoken to, or treated in a sexually inappropriate way is not a political right. It is a human right. And it’s about time that we make that clear. 

For those of you who were triggered by this, I am so deeply sorry. I am sorry that you had such an experience and you have to relive that. So let’s make it so no one else ever has to feel as you do. Let’s start a conversation and start figuring out what to do it fix this. 

Right now, all I know to do is start talking about this and in November, vote. Vote for people you believe in and people who are going to make this a better and safer place for everyone. 

Please comment below, email me, call me, text me, whatever you feel comfortable with. Let’s stop avoiding this issue and talk about it so hopefully we can fix it. 

My love and support to all of you and I am always here if you need someone. You are not alone and we believe you. 

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Red Carpet Return

Hello my darling readers! I am back! If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I have a lot of technology issues over the past few weeks. But, I’ve got my new computer, it is working wonderfully, and I am ready to be back to blogging! On my little hiatus, I had some time to really think about what I want Lefty Living Life to be. With grad school and everything, I really have to make the conscious devious to work on and devote time to blog. But what this break has reminded me is that I love blogging and I am going to 100% find time to devote to it! 

So, with my first post back, let’s start with a bang and one of my favorite kinds of posts…my favorite looks from the red carpet. As you may or may not know, the red carpet was Monday night. As you may have noticed, lately my red carpet lists have been much shorter. There just haven’t been as many looks that I have liked. But this one, there were so many fabulous looks! With these, it is normally a mix a looks that I love, that people rocked, or that I would can see myself wearing. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the looks and if you think I excluded anyone! 

P.S. As usual, all of these opinions are my own and no red carpet photos are mine. 

Alexis Bledel

So, some people did not like this look, but I actually really like it. I think it is ultra girly and Alexis looks lovely. This is one of those looks that I wouldn’t necessarily wear, but I like it. What do y’all think?

Angela Sarafyan

Oh my god. Can I say enough about this? She looks absolutely incredible and the dress is so stunning. This look left me speechless and was by far one of my favorite looks of the night! 

Claire Foy

Ahhh! Classy but trendy and a little pop of sexy. I absolutely adore this. Claire looks amazing and. I can definitely see myself wearing something like this if I was ever on the red carpet. 

Dakota Fanning

Woah…little Dakota Fanning is all grown up! The color of this dress is so perfect on her and I love the dark winged eyeliner. Classy AF and elegant to boot. 

Michelle Dockery

Oh man, I could not be more excited about Michelle Dockery being back on the red carpet. She is always one of my favorites because her style is just incredible. I want to raid her closet so badly! 

Rachel Brosnahan

I never would have thought to wear an ombre red gown, but I absolutely love this! Rachel would look good wearing a sack but she looked stunning in this. 

Sandra Oh

And last, but certainly not least, Sandra Oh. I am so used to seeing her with minimal makeup and scrubs on Grey’s Anatomy, but girl cleans up well! I definitely wouldn’t wear this, but she looks wonderful.

Well, that’s all for now, but stay tuned for more coming up! I am so excited to be back to blogging! XO 

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Casual Cheetah

Hello all! How are you? I’ve been in kind of a rut lately where every morning I seriously consider just laying in bed, watching netflix, and eating ice cream out of the carton all day. Now I am a firm believer in listening to your body (sometimes I’m a bad listener, but I’m working on it!) but at the same time I know that doing all of that is one, not healthy and two, will probably make me feel worse. 

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Is the Naked Trend Ever Going Away?

There are few events I love more than a red carpet. It is always exciting to see new trends and see how people are putting looks together. The VMA Red Carpet is normally filled with the younger generation pushing the boundaries of fashion. This year, the biggest trend was the naked trend. If you aren’t already aware of this trend, it features looks where the wearing is essentially naked. This can be done using strategically placed pieces of fabric or a significant amount of skin-tone colored material. As you can probably guess, this is definitely not my favorite trend. Sure, these women look absolutely stunning and I am all for flaunting your confidence and your body. But at the same time, I can never see myself wearing this trend and have a hard time relating to it. The women who wore this at the VMA’s looked absolutely stunning, don’t get me wrong, but here I wanted to feature women who wore some different trends that I find a bit more relatable. 

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Food Vacation…Kansas City Edition

Food Vacation...Kansas City Edition

Hello! I have been so MIA these past weeks not only because of the move, but I also went on my first vacation in what seems like forever to visit my best friend in Kansas City! Now of course, I did the typical sight seeing things…but this vacation mostly revolved around food! 

Our main sight seeing adventures involved art museums (no surprise there) and also to see the only WW I memorial in the US. The memorial was very nice, but the views from on top of the hill were also amazing. 

Food Vacation...Kansas City Edition

We also went to my first NFL game, which was beyond exciting! Ok, but now on to the yummy baked goods we ate! 

On our first day, we went to this adorable local bakery called Heirloom. They had all kinds of goodies that were delicious! Plus, they had homemade pop tarts, which are definitely going to be next baking experiment! 

On another day, we went to an Australian bakery called Banksia. It was filled with croissants and even though I couldn’t eat it, the cinnamon roll that Kate had smelled absolutely amazing! 

Food Vacation...Kansas City Edition

I was so excited to finally try Insomnia Cookies because I’ve heard so many good things! I made the terrible mistake of only getting some cookies, not an ice cream cookie sandwich. A must do next time! But even just the cookies were yummy.

On one of our last days, we went to this super swanky cocktail bar and had these delicious and beautiful cocktails plus some yummy caramel corn. There is nothing more fun then dressing up and going out on the town with your best friend! Until next time XO

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