Peached & Co.

I have always loved clothes- buying new clothes, finding old clothes, and creating outfits. There is just something about clothes that is almost magical. They are the perfect mode of self-expression, while also being a wonderful creative outlet.

It is not only my love of clothes that made me want to start Peached & Co. I have also always loved shopping and styling…for me and everyone around me. Whenever anyone asks me about my style or clothes, I always tell the story about my first visit to Nordstrom. I was about five or so and I went with my mom so she could buy a black suit. I remember her pulling out a plain dress shirt and I told her she wasn’t allowed to buy the plain one, but had to buy a pink one instead.

Peached & Co. is about you, about changing your life. Sell your clothes you don’t want and buy new ones. Reinvent yourself one outfit at a time.

Contact us anytime for tips on how to style your new clothes and also to catch up on the latest trends. Everything you need in one easy location.