High Ponytails and Jean Jackets

High Ponytails and Jean Jackets - Lefty Living Life

As much as I complain about the weather this time of year, it is actually my favorite time fashion wise. Sure, it is a pain in the butt to never know what to expect when you walk out the door, but it allows me to get really creative with all of my outfits.

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Stripes on Stripes with Lots of Pink

Stripes on Stripes with Lots of Pink - Lefty Living Life

Hello all! Do you ever reach that point where you are just done with the weather? That is where I am at right now. Last week, it snowed, today it is supposed to reach 70 degrees. I don’t even know how to handle that! My closet is only so big and definitely not big enough to hold both my winter and summer wardrobe so I am definitely improvising.

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Spring Layers

While I love that we have all of the season here in North Carolina, I have a love/hate relationship with our weather. The past few days it has been absolutely beautiful here. I mean 70 degrees, warm wind, and sunny. While I have loved the warmth, it is just going to be that much harder when it inevitably gets cold again. However, I am trying to enjoy this glimpse of spring while I can!

Spring Layers - Lefty Living Life

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Cozy Knit and Bright White

Cozy Knit and Bright White- Lefty Living Life

Hello all! You might have noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot of white lately and I have definitely been wearing it more lately, but that is because it is so easy to wear with winter colors! The white, I think, really brightens up those jewel tones, which is always nice when it is dark outside.

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My Keys to Layering

As you have probably been doing as well, all I have been wearing lately is layers and layers as I try to keep warm. I always get questions about layering and I think the key is having a couple basic pieces or styles that you can always turn to so you start your outfit off right. So here are my 4 keys that help me layer with every outfit

My Keys to Layering- Lefty Living Life

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Layered Texture

Layering with different color combinations and textures is one of my favorite things, but I also love layering with textures. This outfit was basically my layered textured dream. First, my shoes are suede…one word about these shoes. I got them for Christmas and they are weather proof! I am so obsessed with them because I can wear them for any occasion and they are so comfortable.

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