Pink Gingham and Sparkles

Hello all! Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a wonderful February so far. Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects, transitioning pieces from season to season.

Especially after dealing with tiny closets in college, I had to become really deliberate about my wardrobe. I didn’t have the space or money to have a completely separate wardrobe for each season so I needed pieces to work easily no matter what season.

The key for is always making colors and patterns that are typically summery and toning them down for winter. For example, gingham is definitely a summer pattern especially when it is pink and white. But with dark jewel tones on top and dark tights and shoes, this skirt works well for winter.

Whenever you have a summer piece, adding dark colors, especially jewel tones can really help to make it more fall/ wintery. Obviously my favorite options are black, navy, and burgundy but you could do the same thing with dark browns, grays, or greens. Really anything to tone down the pastel. But at the same time, don’t let the fact that it is a “summer piece” limit you. It is almost always possible to wear something multiple ways. Until next time…

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Mixing Patterns with Tartan

Pattern mixing has always been one of my favorite things so it seemed like the perfect way to start off the new year and the new blog! First of all, let me say how excited I am about the new blog here and all of the exciting things I have planned for 2018. If you are not already signed-up for our newsletter, make sure to sign-up on the right. The newsletter will go out once a week with sneak peaks of upcoming content, exclusive details and style ideas, plus other exciting things you won’t see on the blog.

OK, now back to the important stuff, clothes! I feel like pattern mixing has this stigma of being really difficult, but it doesn’t have to be! Especially this time of year, you can easily mix two patterns and then tone it down with the rest of your  layers. Layering in general makes pattern mixing super easy because you have more options. So, if you are going to start pattern mixing, why not start now?

With an outfit like this, the plain jacket is what pulls the entire look together. So when you are trying to figure out what to wear, also take into consideration your non-patterned layers. These are what will help tone everything down while also connecting all of the pieces.

This skirt is one of my favorite pieces because it is tartan plaid, which I love. It also has navy and black in it so you can wear it with basically anything. As much as I love it though, it sadly doesn’t really fit me anymore. So I will be posting it on my ebay page later this week!

For those of you who don’t know, I am working on opening an online consignment store, but in the meantime, I have started posting early inventory on my ebay page. The things I am posting are not old or damaged in any way. They are just things I love, but no longer wear. So make sure to check it out and stay tuned for updates on the consignment store!  Until next time…

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Tweed and Pink

I have been searching for a tweed skirt for what seems like years and I finally found one! Tweed is such a classic style and I love the idea of them, but the straight cut ones never look good on me. However, this one is fitted, but has just a little flare on the bottom, which makes it an almost universally flattering style.
I have been on the look out for a tweed skirt not only because they are such a classic piece, but also because they are the perfect summer piece for me. I am extremely cold natured and for me in the summer that means that I am comfortable outside and freezing inside. A tweed skirt is perfect because it is breathable outside because it is a skirt, but the tweed gives me some extra warmth when I am at the office. Definitely going to be a staple for me in the coming months. XO 

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New York, New York

Yesterday was our last day in the Big Apple and what a fabulous trip we had! Great food, lots of art, and exploring are the perfect recipe for a great trip for me. Traveling and exploring new places is one of my great joys in this life and I love anytime I am able to do so. School starts back again tomorrow and I am in the final haul before graduation. What a wonderful way to start the last quarter of senior year. XO 
P.S. Am I an outfit repeater? Yes…but some outfits are worth repeating! 

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Red Lips and Camels

I originally bought this sweater because I am obsessed with camels and the idea of having a camel sweater was too good to pass up. However, after having it for two years, it has turned into one of my most versatile pieces. It is perfect on its own, but also extremely easy to layer under of with. It also looks great great with jeans or with a skirt. Do y’all have any clothes like that that become more perfectly suited for your wardrobe the longer you have them? XO 

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Patterned Sweaters and Sequins

Hello all! The brief hiatus we’ve had is officially over! Life has been crazy with school, my thesis, and applying for jobs, but I’m back. Now that I am applying for jobs and thinking about post grad life, I can’t seem to convince myself to wear jeans. All I want to do is be business casual! It has been fun trying to combine my favorite trends of layered sweaters and button-downs with skirts and booties. I am in love with this sweater because it is not only warm, but also has this incredible pattern and sequins! Three of my favorite things! I also love this shirt because of the ruffle detail. XO

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