It’s Time

Everyone has one of these stories. Your mom does, your sister does, the girl sitting next to you on the subway does. I do.

This is no longer a question of does this happen in our country. The question now is are we willing to live with that? And if not, what are we going to do about it? 

While this has been building for me for quite a while, yesterday was a tipping point. Between hearing the testimonies, seeing how my friends reacted, and getting texts from friends providing support and asking for it in return, I’m done. I’m done living in a world where sexual assault is common place. I’m done living in a world where “boys will be boys” and everyone else just has to live with that. I’m done living in a country where our lawmakers don’t care enough about me and other women to (a) not sexually assault women and (b) refuse to nominate people who do. 

For me, this is no longer political. I’ve tried to keep this blog as an uplifting and happy place, but it is now time for this to be a safe place where we refuse to be treated like this anymore. 

Sexual assault is not political. The right to not be touched, spoken to, or treated in a sexually inappropriate way is not a political right. It is a human right. And it’s about time that we make that clear. 

For those of you who were triggered by this, I am so deeply sorry. I am sorry that you had such an experience and you have to relive that. So let’s make it so no one else ever has to feel as you do. Let’s start a conversation and start figuring out what to do it fix this. 

Right now, all I know to do is start talking about this and in November, vote. Vote for people you believe in and people who are going to make this a better and safer place for everyone. 

Please comment below, email me, call me, text me, whatever you feel comfortable with. Let’s stop avoiding this issue and talk about it so hopefully we can fix it. 

My love and support to all of you and I am always here if you need someone. You are not alone and we believe you. 

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