Food Vacation…Kansas City Edition

Food Vacation...Kansas City Edition

Hello! I have been so MIA these past weeks not only because of the move, but I also went on my first vacation in what seems like forever to visit my best friend in Kansas City! Now of course, I did the typical sight seeing things…but this vacation mostly revolved around food! 

Our main sight seeing adventures involved art museums (no surprise there) and also to see the only WW I memorial in the US. The memorial was very nice, but the views from on top of the hill were also amazing. 

Food Vacation...Kansas City Edition

We also went to my first NFL game, which was beyond exciting! Ok, but now on to the yummy baked goods we ate! 

On our first day, we went to this adorable local bakery called Heirloom. They had all kinds of goodies that were delicious! Plus, they had homemade pop tarts, which are definitely going to be next baking experiment! 

On another day, we went to an Australian bakery called Banksia. It was filled with croissants and even though I couldn’t eat it, the cinnamon roll that Kate had smelled absolutely amazing! 

Food Vacation...Kansas City Edition

I was so excited to finally try Insomnia Cookies because I’ve heard so many good things! I made the terrible mistake of only getting some cookies, not an ice cream cookie sandwich. A must do next time! But even just the cookies were yummy.

On one of our last days, we went to this super swanky cocktail bar and had these delicious and beautiful cocktails plus some yummy caramel corn. There is nothing more fun then dressing up and going out on the town with your best friend! Until next time XO

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