Tuesday Top 10

Today has been a little hectic with packing, cleaning my apartment, and driving home. But I am finally back and so excited for the Thanksgiving holiday. This week’s top 10  is a little article heavy because I’ve read so interesting articles in the past couple of weeks that I wanted to share with you. I hope you enjoy them and I would love to hear your comments! XO

1. Madewell’s fall/winter line was shot in Rome and the pictures are stunning. Especially after living in Rome, I love seeing pictures of places I recognize plus the Madewell collection is awesome 🙂 Here are some of my favorite shots.

2. Taylor Swift performed at the Grammy Museum a couple of weeks and her performance was awesome! Watch it below

3. As you know, I love sequins and a friend sent me this article on the history of sequins a few days ago. No surprise, I fan-girled the entire time. 
4. If you haven’t already heard it, Adele’s CD, 25, came out this week. It is just as incredible as everyone is saying so go listen to it. I’m listening to it right now! 
5. Olivia Palermo is one of my style icons. For me, a style icon is someone who has incredible style that I don’t necessarily want to copy, but who inspires me to experiment with my own style. For me, that is Olivia Palermo and I read a very interesting article on her this week. 
6. I always have a pair of headphones in my bag and they are always tangled. Finally, I think my dad was annoyed with all of my complaining and gave me a cord taco to keep my headphones untangled. Not gonna lie, I’m obsessed with my cord taco and I feel cooler just saying cord taco 🙂 
7. Last article, I promise. If you don’t already read the Man Repeller, I would really recommend it. Leandra is hilarious and not afraid to say what she things. In this article, she very poignantly describes how people feel when they are writing an Instagram caption. Read, laugh, enjoy
8. The AMA’s were Sunday and while I wasn’t able to watch them, I caught up on the styles yesterday. My three favorite looks? Zendaya and her hot pink shoes, Ashley Benson in her forest green suit, and One Direction who just looked incredible. 

9. It is finally Thanksgiving break, which I am excited about because I have a break from class, but I’m also very excited because Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday! These is just something about Thanksgiving that I love and look forward to every year. 
10. If you didn’t already know, J.Crew is having a huge sale right now, so go check that out. But while I was looking through the sale, I found these awesome pajamas that I can’t wait to wear this winter! 

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Turtleneck and Cheetah

So as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been wearing a lot of turtlenecks recently and sometimes, they can be a little difficult to accessorize. The key to rocking any turtleneck, is bold flats, cuffed or cropped jeans, and a statement necklace. A statement necklace is perfect for a turtleneck because the turtleneck draws attention to it and perfectly displays it. Of course, I chose a pink one because pink is an incredible color! More turtlenecks to come I’m sure! XO

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Burgundy and Pale Pink

My new favorite color combination is burgundy and pale pink. They are two of my favorite colors to wear in general, but together, they seem like the perfect fall combination. I am in Chicago for the first time this weekend for the BlogHer Food Conference. You are probably wondering why I am at a food blog conference when I am obviously not a food blogger. Well, as you probably remember, my mom is a food blogger, so originally came to support here. But since being here, I have learned so much about blogging in general so get ready for some fun new changes to Lefty Living Life in the near future. Also, my sparkly boots, they are actually rainbows and are on sale! I actually bought mine a size up and they fit perfectly so go get yours before they are sold out! Enjoy your Saturday! XO

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Black Peplum and Sparkles

We are having the weirdest fall weather here in North Carolina, which is pretty typical of North Carolina weather in general. The problem right now though is what to wear when you leave the house at 8 a.m. and don’t come home until 4 p.m. At 8 in the morning, it has been in the 40s and 50s so I am piling on sweaters and scarves and relishing in the opportunity to start wearing boots. But by 3 o’clock it is 75, sunny, and perfect and I am shedding layers by the second as I am sweating across campus. For me, the perfect outfit involves a lot of layers and not necessarily warm layers. With this outfit, my shirt is comfortable, cute, and as an added perk doesn’t show sweat stains. The scarf is light, so comfortable in the afternoon heat, but a nice layer around my neck in the morning. For the morning, I threw on a light jacket that was easy to take off and carry around. One day, I will fully master the art of fall dressing and I am getting close, but it might take me a few more crazy days. I sure am enjoying the fall leaves this year though! How do you deal with fall weather? XO

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Polka Dots for Days

I have always been a fan of polka dots and when I saw this jumpsuit at Anthropologie, I fell in love. The pockets and the bow belt were just an added bonus that sealed the deal. The thing I love about Anthropologie is that they have a very distinct look, but they also have these incredible statement pieces that are outside of this look. My mom and I were talking yesterday about how if you wear all Anthropologie, all the time, you develop this distinct, boho look. But even when I wear all Anthro, like this outfit, I think it’s important to reflect your own style. So don’t let anyone convince you to buy something and always search for those incredible statement pieces that help define your style. XO 

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Last Days of Summer

Summer is starting to come to a close and don’t get me wrong, I love fall. But I’m trying to squeeze in a few more days of summer clothes before the vests come out. I bought this skirt at the beginning of the summer on a whim and it has been my go to piece! First of all it’s pink, which makes it fabulous. Plus it’s very comfortable and bonus, has pockets! The perfect skirt if you ask me. So enjoy those summer clothes for a few more days before my favorite season begins! XO

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Winter Pink

Pastels, specifically pale pink are some of my favorite colors to wear all year long. The key for me in fall and winter is to wear them with darker colors, so I’m not washed out or too springy. Take this shirt for example- the perfect transitional piece because it is a thicker material, but still short sleeves. This shirt is also one of those pieces that is universally liked. The first time I wore it, my Italian teacher told me I looked like I had just walked out of a Chanel ad (might be the best compliment I’ve ever received). It is perfect for wearing with pink because it is feminine, but not too girly so you look feminine, but you aren’t trying to hard. XO
Fun Fact: My two best friends are huge One Direction fans so I have become one as well. Their new song, Drag Me Down, recently came out and was not my favorite, but the music video is awesome and makes me like the song more every time. 
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Pink Polka Dots

As you can probably tell by now, I love to wear pink. But for some reason, I have always struggled to incorporate these shorts into my wardrobe. But I have a trick and my family and friends will tell you how often I say this…just pretend it’s black. Whenever I have trouble wearing something, normally it’s because I have trouble with the idea, in this case, pink polka dot shorts don’t go with anything! But if you pretend it’s black, then you can truly figure out fun outfits and it helps you get out of your comfort zone. Any fun ideas for wearing difficult pieces? XO
Fun Fact: My favorite movie right now is Age of Adeline with Blake Lively because I am obsessed with Blake Lively plus the costumes are INCREDIBLE. If you are looking for a cute love story, I would definitely recommend this! 

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Pink Sparkles with Navy

What does every outfit need? A little bit of pink! I wear a lot of black and navy, but I adore pink in almost every form. And I have found that the best way to wear pink is as an accessory to brighten up my otherwise neutral outfits. I love this shade of pale pink because it is extremely versatile and very feminine, but not overly girly. For this outfit at least, it just adds that extra pop and turns an otherwise boring outfit into a statement. Do you have any tricks for wearing pink or brightening up neutrals? XO

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