Pattern Mixing

I am an extremely cold-natured person, which basically means I am always cold. So, in the winter, I have to be very creative about my layering so I can stay warm. My favorite addition to my layering collection in this sleeveless turtleneck because it is the perfect base layer. Plus, the stripes make it more interesting than a solid color. Do you have any tricks for staying warm? XO

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Poncho and Fringe

This sweater has turned out to be my favorite piece that I own this winter. I was a little concerned about how often I would wear a poncho-like sweater that is difficult to layer, but it is so cozy and comfortable that I end up wearing it all the time! Moral of this story? Every outfit does not have to be complicated. Sometimes it is nice to just have a simple, but refined look. XO 

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Navy and Gray Neutrals

Hello all and happy Friday! I hope you have had a wonderful week- mine has been a little busy as I get back into the swing of school. Today though, we didn’t have any school as I am snowed into my apartment. As I write this I sit with a cup of tea under my heated blanket trying to stay warm! This time of year is always a little difficult for me because I am very cold natured and always have a hard time staying warm. The key is layering, which you are going to be seeing a lot of in the next couple of weeks. For me, the most important parts of my layering combination are my base layer and the last thing I put on. My favorite base layer is a turtleneck and this one is perfect because it is a thinner material, which makes it easy to put under multiple sweaters at the same time. The middle steps aren’t as difficult for me, but by far the most important step is the last one. In this outfit, my last step was the scarf. I already had on the hat and sweater and felt pretty good and cozy, but the scarf really tied everything together (no pun intended!) and added that extra layer of heat that I needed! More layering tips and more fun outfit posts coming soon! XO 

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Matching Pink

As you know, I adore pink and these pale pink heels are my favorite! But I always have a hard time finding the right occasion to wear them. With a dress, they are a little too formal for any event that I currently attend, but with jeans they are perfect! They add that little pizazz I am always searching for plus what’s not to love about pale pink heels! 
My last semester of college starts on Tuesday and I am nervous, but excited. The real world is a scary plus, but also so incredibly wonderful and amazing. This is going to be a year to remember so make sure to keep up here on Lefty by subscribing to our newsletter on the right or following us on facebook! XO

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The Season of the Hats

Hello my dear friends! I hope all is well. All is good here, although it was freezing today. Temperature wise it wasn’t that bad, but the sun never came out and it just felt so cold! However, that is great for my new urges to wear hats every day. Thank goodness I had added to my hat collection recently. Moral of the story, expect to see lots of hat this winter! 
In other news, I have some very exciting news for y’all…Lefty Living Life now has an app! It is completely free and is another awesome way for you to keep up with Lefty and all of my fun adventures if you don’t already subscribe to our weekly newsletter (you should still subscribe because the newsletters are extra fun every week!). Just go to the app story and search Lefty Living Life, I’m the only thing that comes up! Lots more exciting things going on this year so stay tuned. Also notice today that I didn’t wear pink or sequins- quite an accomplishment for me 🙂 XO
P.S. the scarf is from Zara and is one of my favorite things because I use it as a blanket as soon as I sit down. It wouldn’t go into the widget so here is the link!

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Shades of Blue

Hello all! I was not joking when I said it was winter here! Yesterday it didn’t even get above freezing, which for North Carolina is pretty cold. But I stayed pretty warm in my winter gear. My coat is the same one from last year and is one of my favorite things in my closet. It has a bunch of pockets, is easy to layer under, and is super warm- perfect for walking to class or going to work. My gloves are brand new, Mom gave them to me for Christmas. My hands are always cold, but they are very small so I have always had a hard time finding gloves to fit me. These are perfect. I love the bright blue too because it adds that awesome pop of color to my very dark winter wardrobe. My trusty pink purse also helped with the lack of color 🙂 I can never get it to work with the widget, so here is the link…I would highly recommend it. I mean y’all see how often I use it! How are y’all surviving in the cold? XO 

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Red with Polka Dots

It is finally starting to cool off here and feel like winter and Christmas! Living in North Carolina, we almost never have a white Christmas so I don’t associate Christmas and snow. Every year, it really starts to feel like Christmas time for me after I see The Christmas Carol with my family. This Dickens story is one of my favorite Christmas stories, and if you have never seen the play, I would highly recommend it. Every year when we leave the theatre, I feel that Christmas spirit start to settle over me. 
This year has felt even less like Christmas than normal because we haven’t decorated. Instead, my family and I are going to Costa Rica for ten days on December 26! I am so excited to enjoy some warm weather and simply relax for a week! XO 

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Anesthesia Shoes

As you know, I recently had surgery and my mom has this fabulous rule that every time you need anesthesia, you also need a new pair of shoes. These shoes we have dubbed anesthesia shoes and mine are the ones above! First of all, this is an awesome tradition that I would definitely recommend introducing in your family. Secondly, these shoes are awesome. They are Freebird by Steve which is the luxury version of Steve Madden. I just recently discovered this line and they have some great shoes. I love these because they are the perfect height for me in a bootie and they are secretly platforms so they are very easy to walk in and extremely comfortable. Have a wonderful Friday! XO

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Post-surgery Blustery Days

Flowy shirt, sparkly shoes, red earrings

Flowy shirt, sparkly shoes, red earrings

Flowy shirt, sparkly shoes, red earrings
Hello! How is everyone doing? I am so excited to be back! Surgery went very well, but it left me bed-ridden and slow to my feet. I am finally starting to feel like myself again although I can’t wear jeans or any pants with a button yet. In their stead, I have been wearing my running tights from lululemon. I have never been a sweatpants kind of girl, but these pants are so incredibly comfortable and are perfect for wearing with flowy shirts and sweaters. 
As usual for December in North Carolina, the weather has been crazy weird, but let’s me experiment with lots of different clothes and outfits. Now that I am feeling better, get ready for lots of posts! I hope you are enjoying your December so far and for all of you students out there…I hope your finals went smashingly! XO 

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Tuesday Top 10

So this week’s top 10 is very music focused as lots of exciting things have happened involving music and artists that I love this week. XO

1. Y’all know my two best friends, Kate and McKenzie. They frequently make appearances on here and McKenzie has her incredible blog, The Z List. Well, McKenzie and I finally convinced Kate to start her own blog, Gambling on the Stars! I am very excited to now live in a house full of bloggers and y’all should make sure to check out both of their blogs 🙂

2. One Direction just released their newest album and it’s pretty awesome! My favorite song so far is Infinity 🙂

3. I am a huge James Bond and the newest film, Spectre is incredible. Sam Smith sings the title song (so how could it be bad) and it was so well made. A must see if you are looking for something to do!

4. I have not been the biggest Justin Bieber song in the past, but I really love his new album, Purpose. It is definitely worth a listen.

5. J.Crew is having an incredible sale right now and y’all know how much I love “The Crew.” I know where I’ll be this weekend!

6. Adele released her second single today and it is just as show-stopping as Hello. I’ve been listening to it on repeat all day!

7. I’m sure you have been hearing about Paris and all of the other attacks all weekend, but I think it’s important that we all just take a second to be thankful for our own safety and pray for those who aren’t as lucky.

8. Thank goodness fall is here because I have been dying to wear my faux fur! Here are the pieces I’m most exciting about wearing this fall/winter.

9. Other than fur, I have also been obsessing over vintage clip-on earrings. They take a little while to get used to, but there are some incredible styles available. I shop at my local antique store, but Etsy is also a great resource for all things vintage.

10. This week marks the beginning of the Lefty Living Life newsletter. Every Monday, I will be sending out an email with an update on all of the posts from the last week. Sign up in the pop up you probably just x-ed out of or in the let’s keep in touch box on the right! Can’t wait to hear from you! XO

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