Pink Gingham and Sparkles

Hello all! Happy Saturday! I hope you are having a wonderful February so far. Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite subjects, transitioning pieces from season to season.

Especially after dealing with tiny closets in college, I had to become really deliberate about my wardrobe. I didn’t have the space or money to have a completely separate wardrobe for each season so I needed pieces to work easily no matter what season.

The key for is always making colors and patterns that are typically summery and toning them down for winter. For example, gingham is definitely a summer pattern especially when it is pink and white. But with dark jewel tones on top and dark tights and shoes, this skirt works well for winter.

Whenever you have a summer piece, adding dark colors, especially jewel tones can really help to make it more fall/ wintery. Obviously my favorite options are black, navy, and burgundy but you could do the same thing with dark browns, grays, or greens. Really anything to tone down the pastel. But at the same time, don’t let the fact that it is a “summer piece” limit you. It is almost always possible to wear something multiple ways. Until next time…

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Flannel and Sparkles

One of the hardest things about having a fashion blog is dealing with winter. First of all your time to take photos is seriously affected by light. During the summer, I normally take pictures after work and it is not a problem at all. In the winter though, I have to set out specific time early in the morning or on the weekend so there is enough light.

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Spring where are you?

Hello all! It is supposedly spring, but the temperatures here haven’t quite gotten the message yet. Last week it was in the 70s and beautiful and this week has been a little chilly in comparison. As much as I love winter weather and winter clothes, I am a little tired of wearing coats all of the time so I have decided to stop wearing them. To stay warm, I have had to be a little creative with my layering and mixing sweater and flats. 
This sweater is one of my favorites. My dad bought it for my mom when he was in Ireland and it has always been a little two warm for her. But that means it is perfect for me since I am so cold natured! Paired with boyfriend jeans, it felt a little sloppy, but with the heels, this outfit really came together. Hopefully the warmth comes back soon and I can put away all of these sweaters! XO 

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