The Time’s Up Red Carpet

If you didn’t already know, the black dress is classic for a reason and last night’s Golden Globes Red Carpet proved it. Almost everyone wore black in support of the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund. For those of you who don’t know, Time’s Up, started by some of our favorite Hollywood stars, will help to pay for legal support to women and men who have experienced sexual assault, harassment, or abuse in the work place. This is an incredible fund and I was so excited to see so many people supporting it last night.

Now, on to the fashion. Let’s be honest, if I were to ever be on the red carpet, I would most likely wear black so a lot of the looks last night appealed to me. Here are some of my favorite looks from the red carpet. Which one do y’all like the most?

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Golden Globes 2017 Red Carpet

Finally! A Red Carpet I can get behind! I have been struggling with red carpets so much lately because I have not been a fan of many of the dresses. However, at the Golden Globes last night, everyone really pulled out the stops and I had a hard time narrowing it down to these seven looks. Congratulations to everyone who was nominated last night and everyone really did look fabulous on the red carpet. Here are my favorite looks. I would love to hear if y’all have any additions to the list! XO

red carpet, golden globes, claire foy, sparkles
This is Claire Foy. You might not know here because she is new to the scene, but she stars in The Crown on Netflix and is amazing. I LOVE this dress. It is sparkly and pale pink and just the right amount of revealing. Such a classy and glamorous look for the red carpet, I can’t say enough good things! I also love how she didn’t over do it with hair, jewelry, or makeup. Sometimes with a dress like this, you need to let the dress speak for itself and Claire did just that. 
red carpet, golden globes, gwendoline christie
Gwendoline Christie looked like a peach colored Grecian goddess in this dress. I love the matching earrings, over the shoulder train, and pointy-toe heels. Also, rocking the power pose! This is how you do red carpet elegance. 
red carpet, golden globes, hailee steinfeld
These sheer tulle dresses have been in style for a while now and I am not always a fan, but I love the purple color of Hailee Steinfeld’s gown and I love how the sleeves come off the shoulders and then connect right above the elbow. That is such a unique style which paired very well with the modern princess vibe this dress has going on. Also, the choker necklace and ring combination was the perfect pairing for this otherwise sparkle-less outfit. 
red carpet, golden globes, kristen bell
I’m not going to lie, I went back and forth on this dress for a while. I love the black sequins and the combination of a deep neckline and long sleeves, but the neckline is a little revealing for me and the bottom corners of it feel awkward. Obviously, I decided I like it in the end because a unique neckline is always interesting and I think Kristen Bell pulled it off so well. 
red carpet, golden globes, lily collins
Now this is a modern princess gown with the up-do, red lips, and full skirt to accompany it. I obviously love the color, but I think what really makes this dress is the embroidery. The detail is so exquisite and gives the dress an old world feel, while the bodice and color make it more modern. This might have been my favorite look of the night. Love, love love! 
red carpet, golden globes, Natalie Portman
No wonder Natalie Portman was cast as Jackie O. Even pregnant and decades later, Natalie perfectly emulated Jackie last night in this yellow gown. Great work by Natalie and her team because now I want to see the new Jackie O movie even more! But really, Natalie looked incredible and I love the throwback nod to Jackie and her incredible style. 
red carpet, golden globes, Ruth Negga
Well, we started with sparkles and it should come as a surprise to no one that we are ending with sparkles. Ruth Negga looked like an awesome, sparkly knight or something last night. I love the zipper and the embroidery detail on the top that is almost reminiscent of a Klimt painting. If you were wondering how to make a statement on the red carpet, this is how you do it. Absolutely stunning. 
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Golden Globes

As you have probably heard by now if you didn’t watch them, the Golden Globes were last night. I love watching award shows or at least the recap the next day because the fashion is normally so incredible and diverse. To tell you the truth, I was not very impressed with last night’s styles. Everyone looked stunning, but there was a bit too much cleavage. It also felt like a lot of people wore similar silhouettes and not very many stood out. Below are my favorite outfits that did stand out to me! What did y’all think? Anyone I should have included? XO

I have loved Bryce Dallas Howard since The Help and she was incredible in Jurassic World. I love this dress, but what I love even more is how upfront Howard was about buying the dress at Neiman Marcus because they had more options for size 6s. Love the honest and she looked amazing. 

Emmy Rossum could probably wear a potato sack and still look beautiful, but this is the perfect example of understated elegance. She didn’t try too hard or have an extravagant dress, but she still looks stunning…nicely done! 

Jennifer Lawrence is one of my idols. She is so real and honest and has a great sense of style. I love this dress. It’s unique and modern, but still elegant and classy- the perfect combination. 

I almost didn’t recognize Lady Gaga without the meat suit, but she is someone else who toned it down and classed it up. I wouldn’t change anything! 

I wasn’t a huge fan of Taraji P. Henson’s dress on the runway, but when she went up the stair to receive her award, the fabric in the back flowed out and created this beautiful cape/ train combination that was to die for! 

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