Critics Choice Awards

Hello all! A little behind at the moment because I took the weekend off. It was crazy busy and when I was home from work, I needed a bit of a relax, reset. Anyways, we are back! If you missed it last week, there was another fabulous red carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards. I don’t think I’ve ever said this, but it was nice to see a little color after the all black red carpet last weekend. Here are my favorite looks…let me know what you think about these and if you had any other favorite looks!

Alison Brie always looks fabulous in my opinion, but I like that she went simple and natural. It really let her innate beauty shine through and she looked incredible.

And Angelina Jolie is back! Looking like the flawless, never aging ice queen that she is. I love the intense feather detail paired with the bright red lips.

White seemed to be the theme for this award show. I love the flowing Grecian nature of this. It is so simple but so flattering and well.

We all know how much I love some tulle and this is how you rock tulle on a red carpet. Simple and ballerina-esque without over doing your make-up, hair or jewelry. A plus for me! Until next time…

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Critics Choice Awards Red Carpet 2016

If you have been keeping up with my red carpet posts, you probably noticed that the last couple of award shows have not blown me away. I am not a huge fan of people wearing extremely revealing clothes instead of something interesting and flattering. Last night at the Critics Choice Awards though, things took a turn for the better.
Critics Choice Awards 2016, Evan Rachel Wood, red carpet
There were definitely some colors on the red carpet, but the predominant trend was the return of the little black dress, or in some cases, the all black outfit. Evan Rachel Wood has always been a style icon of mine and I thought she hit the nail on the head with this black pant suit. It was flattering and just the right amount of revealing. I love the newer trend of women wearing suits because it is so unexpected, but can be show stoping. 
Critics Choice Awards 2016, Naomie Harris
Naomie Harris is another one of my favorite people to watch on the red carpet. She always manages to keep it classy but also trendy as she did here with this black mini dress with a sheer lower section. The mini dress itself is a lovely LBD, but the sheer extension adds that extra oomph to her outfit. I love how she kept her accessories, hair, and make-up simple- a great reminder that everything doesn’t have to be over the top to be great.
Critics Choice Awards 2016, Nicole Kidman
Nicole Kidman always manages to do something interesting and she looked incredible last night. The dress was a little revealing for my taste, but she rocked it. I do love the layering of fabric on her bodice and her brooch pinned to her sleeve. I love brooches and am so happy to see that they are slowly making a come-back! 

Critics Choice Awards 2016, Sarah Paulson
I can not say enough good things about Sarah Paulson last night. I love her short textured hair paired with the various pearl-sized details on her dress. The pink lipstick and matte black shoes were the perfect finishing touches. This dress truly seems red carpet worthy as it feels like a work of art itself. 

Critics Choice Awards 2016, Viola Davis
My final look of the night was Viola Davis. This color is so unexpected for winter but looks incredible against her skin. The simple jewelry and make-up was perfect for this textured gown. Well done Viola! 
Until next time! XO

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Critics Choice Awards

This week, instead of doing a top 10 today, I am going to have my top 5 outfits from the Critics Choice Awards! I love awards shows because you can really see the diversity in styles among the guests as well as the different trends.

1. Alicia Vikander- everyone is saying that Alicia is the breakout star of the year and I couldn’t agree more. She has been incredible in everything I have seen her in. I can’t wait to see what she will do next. In addition to be insanely talented, she also has an awesome sense of style and is not afraid to take risks, like with this look! I mean that is a lot of patterns, but I really think she pulls it off well.

2. Emmy Rossum- Emmy is always one of my favorite people to look for because her style is so classic and effortless, which is right up my alley. This awards show, she did not disappoint!  Plus, sequins! My favorite!

 3. Krysten Ritter- Krysten just recently came on my radar after I binge watched Jessica Jones (definitely go watch it if you haven’t already). Her acting was so incredible and I am excited to see what she does next. Then, she came to the Critics Choice wearing this dress! Potentially my favorite color right now, sparkles, and definitely some understated elegance. A+ from me!

4. Saoirse Ronan- Ok, I am not going to lie…I have absolutely no idea how to spell her name. But, I can’t wait to see Brooklyn- I haven’t been able to go yet :(- and I love this dress, which has that old Hollywood style, but a more modern color and details. The perfect combination.

 5. Sarah Paulson- I don’t necessarily follow Sarah normally, however this dress was show stopping for me. Classic cut, sequins, and a killer pixie cut. Three of my favorite things! Until next time! XO            

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