Let’s Make a Statement

Ok, so we all know that I love to make a statement, but I acknowledge that I am a lot more adventurous than most. But I think we should all try and be adventurous and I think we so easily get pigeon-holed with these fashion rules and I just think that is silly.

So let’s talk about breaking rules. First rule…don’t wear cheetah print with anything other than black because it will be too much. That is just crap if you ask me. Cheetah looks fabulous with color and sparkles. Sure, I’m not going to wear a huge pattern with it but colors like green, red, and pink definitely work and a little sparkle never hurt anybody.

I also always hear that you shouldn’t wear really dark lipstick during the day or with other bold pieces. You know what though? This lipstick is my absolute favorite and not to toot my own horn, but it looks pretty good on me too. So I wear it all the time. With basically everything. No matter what color it is or how sparkly it is.

I guess the other thing I’ve been thinking about lately is pink. I think we can all say that pink is my favorite color and I love adding pops of pink to an outfit. But, everyone keeps telling me that it is too girly or too young. I think the key to having good style and enjoying your style is to ignore everyone else. Do what you want and what makes you feel comfortable…Alright, rule rant is official over! Until next time…

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