Flannel and Pearls

Hello all! So my biggest struggle in the winter is staying warm while also staying cute. My immediate reaction is to throw on the biggest sweater in my closet, some boots, and be done. But that gets boring really quickly and is definitely not work appropriate.

Sow what is a girl to do? The key for me is having pieces that make me feel cozy, but are also colorful, patterned-filled, or have some other kind of detail. Y’all already know how much I love this flannel. Sure, a lot of that is because it’s warm and soft. But it also adds a great pop of color under my excessive layers.

Another way to spice up an outfit is with your accessories. This hat for example. First of all it isn’t black- which is always a win for my winter wardrobe. And then, it has sparkles sewn into it. They are subtly but add a fun, girly touch that makes the piece a little more interesting. Also hats are a great way to stay warm if you didn’t already know 🙂

My final piece of advice is to be smart about your pieces when you are shopping. Sure, this sweater is absolutely adorable and I knew I needed it before I even picked it up. But it is also a really thick wool/ cashmere blend. When I wore this outfit, it was maybe 38 degrees outside and I didn’t even need a coat because this sweater is so warm. Those are the kind of layering pieces you want to have! Until next time…

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