Flannel and Sparkles

One of the hardest things about having a fashion blog is dealing with winter. First of all your time to take photos is seriously affected by light. During the summer, I normally take pictures after work and it is not a problem at all. In the winter though, I have to set out specific time early in the morning or on the weekend so there is enough light.

Then, because I love y’all and don’t want all of my pictures to look the same, I end up taking off my coat for the pictures. So, if you notice a trend in my winter photos of me looking slightly pained and shivering, that is why!

Ok, but on to more exciting things…how do you stay warm at the office in the winter? This has been my struggle for the last year and man has it been a struggle, but I think I am finally catching on. Obviously layering is key, but also making sure your individual layers are warm. For example, when I wear tights and knee-high boots, I always wear socks too to give my feet an extra layer of warmth.

Back to the smart layers though. Take this sweater and shirt, both are pretty casual on their own but paired with heels and dress pants, they are definitely work appropriate. Don’t put your self in a box of only wearing things for certain kinds of events. Almost anything can be repurposed to fit a situation. This shirt is my favorite casual flannel, but tucked in with a big necklace, it just looks like a regular button down. It is all about being creative to stay warm! Until next time…

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