Renaissance Italy at the Nasher

Being the art nerd that I am, I like to go to museums and art events as often as possible. It doesn’t happen as much as I’d like because of my schedule, but I was able to finally squeeze some art in this week! An amazing thing that some museums are doing is staying open until 9pm on a weekday so that people can view the art after work. This works perfectly for me because I always work weekends and my only day off is Monday, when most museums are closed. Anyways, this week I went over to the Nasher Museum at Duke University to check out their exhibition on Carlo Dolci.

Dolci was associated with the Medici family in Florence, but is not very well-known today. He was working in a time where art was all about the drama and the intrigue. However, instead of creating dramatic paintings, Dolci meticulously painted pious and virtuous religious scenes. These work seem to fit in better with the work of Raphael at the turn of the 16th century instead of in the 17th century when Dolci was painting.

It was amazing to see how detailed Dolci was able to get in his work. At this time, photography hasn’t even been dreamed of so detail was incredibly important. But Dolci’s ability to recreate textures and colors was incredible. Hopefully there will be a lot more art in my near future! Until next time…

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